10 Wedding Photography Shots You Don’t Want To Miss

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No words can vividly describe how breathtaking weddings are. We all love weddings, and there are moments within the ceremony and the reception that we definitely want to hold on to. The best way possible to hold on to these moments, not just in our memories, but also physically in through photography. A good photo is worth a thousand times its weight in gold. Here are the 10 wedding photography shots you don’t want to miss on your big day:

The Bride and the Girls Preparing

People must look positively amazing during weddings, for this reason alone, the bride and her maids wouldn’t miss visiting the spa for anything in the world. Have all of them captured while applying makeup, making their hair and stuff. Kindly have a recollection of this, you will thank yourself later.

Bride and Bridesmaids Photos

You don’t even need to be told this; that bridesmaids are in most occasions close friends to the bride. As such, many shots of them must be taken. Photos of the bride and her maids mean a lot to her and will forever serve as a symbol of the support system she has in her life. While taking shots of bride and her bridesmaids, try and be creative, if possible have all of them be intimately close just to show how strong their relationship is.

The Gentlemen

Men just like women are sentimental. For no reason should shots of gentlemen be not taken. As usual, the gentlemen like looking sharp during weddings, no one would want that occasion to pass by without them collecting a few memories to go by. Have them photographed in a rather professional way. If possible, a little bit of seriousness, “souped” with somewhat lose smiles would do wonders.

Exchanging of Vows and Rings

Who in the world would not want to have a memory of this. In entirety, exchanging of vows and rings is the highlight of the wedding ceremony and as such should be one of the moments to be cherished the most. If possible, get this shot, enlarge the photo and hang it in your living room, dining room and bedroom. It should serve as a reminder of how you not only loved each other dearly, but also how you professed it before a multitude of people you hold dear in your life.

The Kissing Part

You will in the strongest possible terms be doomed should you let go of this moment. People don’t know how special this occasion is. For those who are keen enough, they can concur with me that whenever the bride and the groom kiss before everyone, they often submit to each other in a way that movies can’t even beat. When kissing, try and romanticize it, just be you and suck the juice out that lip.

Both the Bride and the Groom marching together after being joined

How fun can it get, this photo will forever symbolize your union, where it officially began. Be loving, hold each other’s hand and smile. For once forget about the worries of this world and enjoy the occasion.

The Groom and the Bridesmaids

Truth be told, envy is part of being human. Regardless of the relationship between you and your girls, they will be envious of you and your man. They will keep reminding you of how lucky you are to have him. Be kind enough and let your girls flirt with your man this ones. Be at ease with the arrangement and allow them to be creative, most importantly, don’t allow jealousy prevent you from seeing your man photographed with your bridesmaids; he is all yours, and you will have him for the rest of your life.

Photos of you Both with your entire family

As a reminder that you are from somewhere and that you have the support of your family, don’t forget to have shots of you as a couple together with your family together. It will forever remind you that you are not alone in this and that you have people to consult whenever you get stuck. It is vital to note that marriages have ups and downs, and so will be yours. Having this photo with you will give you the courage to hang on even when things get messier.

After party photos

If in any case you decide to hold an after party, be sure to bring a photographer along with you. The moments shared in after parties are often priceless. This is when people get lose and enjoy the occasion. In a nutshell, shots taken at after party constantly serve as a reminder of the capriciously crowning moment of the wedding day.

Church Photo

90 percent of weddings are dignified inside the church, should that be the case with yours, have the moment be turned into a memory. Few occasions to photograph while in the church is when the bride is being escorted by her guardian or father. The handing over part is profoundly mesmerizing and by all means ought to be captured.

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